Cooperation Contract – BCC in Vietnam

Question: We are foreign company and would like to do BCC with Vietnam partner, we have a question as follows:

BCC is allowed in Vietnam and there is no need to form a new enti...

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Setting up company in Vietnam

Question: Hi, we are interested in incorporating a company in Vietnam to do the followings:
I. Import and distribute following products: 1  )   Wine...

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Request for opening an import and export private limited company for Taiwanese.

Question: I am Taiwanese. I want to open an import and export private limited company in Hanoi. I will import fabrci such as bed sheet ,blanket and so on from China,wholesale in Viet...

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Seeking Vietnam Counsel

Question: My company is an entity formed under the laws of Japan. It is also the sole shareholder of a Vietnam subsidiary. We are seeking local counsel to assist with changing ...

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Application – Foreign Construction Contractor Permit in Vietnam

Question: Now we have a case needs your assistance. We intend to apply for Foreign Construction Contractor Permit. The contractor is a British Virgin Island (BVI) Co. They have sign c...

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Company formation information Jul10

Company formation information

Investor: We are USA based company and we wanted to expand our operation across border and we have started our operation in Madagascar last year and now we are interested in Vietnam....

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Setting up a Microfinance institution in Vietnam

Under Vietnam Law, foreign investor can consider setting up a Microfinance institution in Vietnam. Regulation on organizational structure and operation of Microfinance institution ...

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Set up foreign company in Vietnam for providing freight forwarding services

In case the foreign investor would like to set up 100% owned foreign enterprise in Vietnam for providing freight forwarding services, we would like to advise as follows: Under Vietnam Law, foreign ...

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Set up company providing recruitment services in Vietnam

We understand that foreign investor (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) requested us to advice on possibilities of setting up a wholly foreign invested for providing Recruitment Services...

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Amending Investment Certificate for foreign invested company in Hochiminh City

Client has intention to engage a legal consultant on advices and implementation the procedures for amending the investment certificate in accordance with current Vietnam’s Laws; ...

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New company formation for providing market research in Ho Chi Minh City

would like to provide you some information about new company formation for providing market research in Ho Chi Minh City as follows: 1. BRIEF SUMMARY OF BACKGRO...

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Establishment of a joint venture company in Ho Chi Minh City

It is our understand that the Client is also considering to establish a joint venture companyunder the type of limited liability company in Ho Chi Minh City(hereinaf...

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