Personal’ paid days off for foreigner Aug30

Personal’ paid days off for foreigner

Question: May I kindly ask...having at this time, invalid information regarding 'recognized' foreign employee paid off days please. I understand that as a foreigner....American that I am entitled to m...

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Paid holidays after 12 months of employment Aug30

Paid holidays after 12 months of employment

Question: The 12 days of paid holidays after 12 months of employment. Is it only for government employees or for all employees in the private sector in Vietnam regardless of Companies or Enterprises s...

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Termination labour contracts Aug29

Termination labour contracts

Question: Can you give me some information regarding terminating of a labour contract. As an exmployee what rights do I have if my employer terminates my employment after signing a ...

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We have on-boarded SBLAW into our legal panel since December 2010 originally as an additional firm to provide basic licensing services, translation and general retainer work. We consider SBLAW as a pe...

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International Cooperation of SBLAW Aug27

International Cooperation of SBLAW

SBLAW always focus on developing international cooperation. At present, we have closed relationship with lawyers and law firms in nearly 100 countries around the world. This cooperation aims to pro...

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Client and partner of SBLAW Aug27

Client and partner of SBLAW

SBLAW is a perfect choice for many multinational companies, businesses and large enterprises in Viet Nam. Besides, SBLAW also supports small and medium enterprises. Recently, our lawyers have worke...

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