Setting up a 2nd retailed sale outlet of a FDI in Vietnam

Question: This is reference to our conservation  from which we were requested to provide legal advice on setting up a 2nd retailed sale outlet of a foreign invested company in Hanoi. Therefore, w...

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Vietnam Labor Consult Dec19

Vietnam Labor Consult

Question: Simply saying, a local person who work for us was dead from car accident, now we want to know whether your company should indemnify his family or not, and how much will our company pay...

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New points of Labor Code 2019 Dec12

New points of Labor Code 2019

On 20 November 2019, Vietnam National Assembly XIV passed the new Labor Code on Session 8 which shall become effective from 1st January 2021. SBLAW would like to present you main amendments of Viet...

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Increasing M&A deals in real estate despite risks

The merger and acquisition market has witnessed the real estate segment in a strong leading position; however, there remains many pitfalls which partners must be careful of whenever they enter into a ...

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